Isah abdulrasheedAdministration/Executive Personel

Mr. Isah abdulrasheed is Highly professional administrator/executive who has demonstrated continuous growth, achievements, and impressive leadership in the management of complex activities within the financial industry and general contracts. Solid business insight with the ability to ascertain and analyze needs, forecast goals, streamline operations, and envision new program concepts.

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills serve as the foundation to effectively network, collaborate, negotiate, and maintain positive partnerships with business colleagues, staff, and outside vendors and organizations. Proficient in the management of a diverse range of departments, professionals, and programs through a complete understanding of the wealth creation arena and integrated networks.

Arish Integrated service is a financial consultancy and general contracts company which has been operating in lagos state, Nigeria for over 9 years. AIS believes in creating sustained economic development and uses a triple bottom line approach to measure success: creating financial value, improving social conditions and implementing activities in a way that supports, not exploits, the environment. AIS currently works in Lagos, Oyo State, Ogun State and Abuja and is in the process of expanding significantly in the region and into complementary AIS based portfolio. This is an exciting opportunity for an exceptional person to join this fast paced team and help us scale up the business regionally.